180W Electric Dremel Drill with 186 pcs


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Item No. 5 speed control electric grinder
Model Set 1 (220V two round insert), set 2 (220V two round insert), set 3 (220V two round insert), set 4 (220V two round insert), set 5 (220V two round insert), set 6 (220V Two round inserts), set 7 (220V two round plug), set 8 (220V two round plug), 110V flat plug single unit Power type Plug-in power supply;
Power supply voltage 220V
Input power 130
No-load speed 30000 (rpm)
Shift mode
Grinding head diameter 0.5-3.2 (mm)
Chuck size 0.5-3.2MM
Grinding head carbon brush small wrench power cord length 1.5 (m)
Net weight 1.5 (kg)
Applicable objects Crystal Teeth Stone Jade Root carving Solid wood furniture, etc.
Specifications 18.8*5.5

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 200 × 300 × 100 cm





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