2022 New Arrivals ANENG 620A Full Screen Smart Digital Multimeter(Red)


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ANENG 620A Full Screen Smart Digital Multimeter(Red)

1. Extensive testing of AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency and temperature; test diodes.
2. The large LCD backlit screen and low battery indicator make it easier to read and record measurements.
3. It can meet the needs of long hours of work, from a durable appearance to a wide range of heavy-duty functions.
4. The fuse can effectively protect the multimeter; overload protection in all ranges.
5. Whether the job is a quick DIY continuity check or a complex problem, the durable design and consistent readings are suitable
for long hours of work on site or repair in the garage.

1. DC voltage: 6V/60V/600V/800V +/- (0.5%+3)
2. AC voltage: 6V/60V/600V +/- (0.8%+3)
3. DC current range: 6A/10A +/- (2.0%+30)
4. AC current range: 6A/10A +/- (2.0%+30)
5. Resistance: 600 ohm/60k ohm/6M ohm/60M ohm +/- (0.8%+5)
6. Capacitance: 99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF +/-(3.5%+20)
7. Capacitance: 5.999mF +/-(5%+3)
8. Automatic shutdown: 15 minutes
9. Input resistance: greater than or equal to 10M ohm
10. Display (max): 5999
11. Test speed: 3 times/minute
12. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
13. LCD screen size: About 49x30mm
14. Product size: 142x70x32mm

Packing list: Multimeter x 1, meter lead x 2, temperature cable x 1, manual x 1, color box x 1
Package WeightOne Package Weight0.40kgs / 0.89lb
Qty per Carton40
Carton Weight17.00kgs / 37.48lb
Carton Size52cm * 42cm * 42cm / 20.47inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container20GP: 290 cartons * 40 pcs = 11600 pcs

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