Alctron HP280 professional gaming headset 50mm stereo recording studio monitor headphones


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Alctron HP280 high quality 50mm stereo recording studio monitor headphones

Product Description


1. A 50mm neodymium magnet sound unit, experience shocking sound effects;

2. The design of the earphone and the cable is used to ensure a clear and non-destructive connection of the device;

3. The semi-open earmuff design creates a wide stereo effect and a deep sound field;

4. Fashionable and colorful, with different color embellishment design to highlight the sense of fashion, three colors are available;

5. Frequency response, rejection of sound staining, different resolution and penetrating power, return to the scene to experience;

6. Lightweight body design, dust-free spray-painted shell, comfortable to wear as a whole, reducing the weight-bearing feeling;

7. The retractable head beam design can cope with different sizes of heads, reducing the pressure during use and being comfortable to wear for a long time;

8. The breathable earmuff design reduces external noise, enjoys wonderful music, and makes the music more pure;

9. Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops, mixers and other devices with 3.5mm jacks on the market;

10. Detachable cables equipped with a plastic wire kit and various accessories that are comfortable and safe to wear, bring perfect listening enjoyment;



Driver diameter:  50.0mm
Maximum power:  300mw
Impedance: 32Ω
impedance: 32 ohms 
Frequency response: 10~3000Hz
Lead length: 3m
Sensitivity(S.P.L):  98dB




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