BOSCH LR7 Red Green Line Laser Receiver Professional Laser Level Accessories for GLL3-80C/GLL3-80CG/ GLL3-60XG Laser Level


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  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Model Number: LR7
  • Brand Name: Bosch
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE

About LR7

LR7 can be applied to GCL2-50, GCL2-50G, GCL2-50C, GCL2-50CG, GLL3-80, GLL3-80G, GLL3-80C, GLL3-80CG, GLL3-60XG.

Use of LR7 laser receiver

Use the laser receiver in the case of poor light (bright surroundings, direct sunlight) and longer distances to better find the laser line. Suitable for GLL3-60XG laser level , the working range of the receiver mode is 5-60 meters.

How to connect LR7 receiving mode?

In the receiving mode, the laser line flashes at a higher frequency so that the laser receiver can find
To connect to the receiving mode, please press the button to receive mode (1)
The receiving mode indicator (2) lights up green


To protect the eyes, the visibility of the laser line is reduced when the receiver mode is turned on. Therefore, for operations that do not require a laser receiver, press the receiving mode button (1) again to close the receiving mode. The receiving mode (2) indicator goes off.


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