Bosch Professional Laser Rangefinder 30/40/50 Meters Electric Distance Meter Outdoor Measuring Instrument GLM50-27CG GLM100-25C


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  • Measurement Accuracy: ±2.0 mm
  • Size: 105 * 41 * 24mm
  • Model Number: GLM30/GLM4000/GLM500/GLM40/GLM400/GLM50-27CG/GLM100-25C/GLM150C
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered
  • Brand Name: Bosch
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Measuring Distance: 30m/40m/50m/80m

Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure 40m/135Feet Distance Meter High Precision Handheld Outdoor Mini Measuring Instrument

▲VERSATILE: The Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure includes multiple measurement capabilities such as area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction. Measuring distance extends up to 135 feet

▲MEMORY: Conveniently stores up to 10 measurements to increase productivity. Real time laser measurements adjust as the user moves closer and farther away, just like a tape measure

▲VISIBILITY: The Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure features a backlit screen for better visibility and resolution in dark work areas

▲ACCURACY: With Bosch Laser Technology, the GLM 40 measures to within +/-1/16 in. for extreme accuracy and precision

▲PORTABLE: With a pocket size design and the square shape, the GLM 40 provides portability and ease of use. Its square shape allows you to measure in any direction from a flat surface

▲Class IIa laser product, lesser than equal to 1mW power output

Bosch GLM 400 Laser Distance Meter 40M Rangefinder Trena Laser Tape Range Finder Build Measure Device Ruler Test Tool

Bosch GLM 50-27 CG Laser Measure Bluetooth IP65 50m Rangefinder Green Laser Tape Distance Meter

▲Green laser technology ensures excellent visibility for long-distance measurements in bright indoor conditions

▲Ideal for rough construction work due to 1.5-metre drop resistance, IP65 protection, and shock-absorbing rubber casing

▲Quick documentation and fast data transfer thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity and Bosch MeasureOn App


▲Laser diode:515 nm, < 1 mW

▲Measurement range*:0.05 – 50.00 m

▲Laser class:2

▲Measurement accuracy, typical*:± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)

▲Measurement range of incline measurement:0 – 360° (4 x 90°)

▲Measuring accuracy (typical)*:± 0.2°* (*plus use-dependent deviation)

▲Measurement time, typical:< 0.5 s

▲Measurement time, max.:4 s

▲Power supply:2 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)(not included)

▲Automatic deactivation:5 min

▲Weight, approx.**:0.2 kg

▲Units of measurement:m/cm/mm/ft/inch/ft-inch

▲Memory capacity (values):30

▲Dust and splash protection:IP 65

▲Tripod thread:1/4"

▲Data transfer:Bluetooth™ 4.2 Low Energy

▲Laser colour:Green

Bosch GLM 100-25 C 100 Meter Laser Distance Meter with Inbuilt Camera


  • Precise laser measure for easy indoor and outdoor measuring and documenting

  • Accurate, 100-m laser measuring thanks to digital camera viewfinder with zoom function

  • Large, high-contrast IPS colour display with flip screen ensures optimal reading

  • Laser measure connects via Bluetooth for efficient data documentation

  • With the MeasureOn app it is quick and easy to transfer all measurements from your Bluetooth connected rangefinder for avoiding mistakes and save time by storing the information directly at the job site

  • Tilt sensor: 360° for easy angle measurement and quick leveling applications


Digital viewfinder: integrated

Measurement time, typical < 0.5 s

Units of measurement : m/cm, ft/inch

Laser diode: 650 nm, < 1 mW

Measurement range: 0.08 – 100.00 m

Laser class: 2

Measurement accuracy, typical: ± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)

Measurement range of incline measurement: 0 – 360° (4 x 90°)

Measuring accuracy (typical): ± 0.2°* (*plus use-dependent deviation)

Measurement time, max. 4 s

Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)(Battery are not included)

Automatic deactivation: 5 min

Weight, approx. 0.23 kg

Memory capacity (values): 50

Dust and splash protection: IP 54

Tripod thread: 1/4"

Data transfer: Bluetooth™ 4.2 Low Energy

Laser colour: Red

Measuring range, up to 100 m

Bosch GLM150C PVC Laser Distance Meter 150m Rangefinder Bluetooth Data Transfer Infrared Electronic Rulers with Inbuilt Camera

▲Precise targeting thanks to the digital viewfinder with zoom function – also for outdoor applications and long distance

▲Optimal readability due to large 2.8” IPS colour display with extra robust cover glass

▲Fast collection and documentation of measured values thanks to Measuring Master App

Digital viewfinder :integrated

Laser diode :650 nm, < 1 mW

Measurement range :0.08 – 150.00 m

Data transfer :Bluetooth Smart

Weight, approx. :0.23 kg

Units of measurement :m/cm, ft/inch

Laser class :2

Measurement accuracy, typical :± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)

Automatic deactivation :0 min

Memory capacity (values) :50

Dust and splash protection :IP 54

Tripod thread :1/4"

Supported Android devices :Smartphone with Android 4.3 or higher

Supported iOS devices :iPhone 4S or higher, iPad (3rd Gen. or higher), iPad Air (1st Gen. or higher), iPad mini (1st Gen. or higher)

Laser colour :Red

Measuring range, up to :150 m


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