DEWALT DCV501LN 20V Industrial Household Vacuum Cleaner New Rechargeable High Power Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner


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  • Model Number: DCV501LN
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Brand Name: DEWALT
  • Origin: Mainland China

DEWALT DCV501LN Brushless Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum

The DEWALT 20V Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum(Tool only)is a jobsite cleaning solution that provides users with powerful performance(46 CFM)to pick up common jobsite debris ranging from drywall,dust,to small screws and nails.This versatile vacuum comes with 6 different cleaning attachment accessories to tackle any cleaning job from floor level to overhead.The hand vacuum can be used to handle smaller messes or used in combination with the extension tube and floor accessory to clean up floor areas.A bright LED light illuminates the darkest areas.A HEPA Filter allows for clean efficient cleanup of fine dust and drywall and follows OSHA Table 1 Compliance under houskeeping rules.It comes fully equipped with an extension tube,floor nozzle,flexible hose,crevice nozzle,gulper brush,round brush,belt hook,accessory holder,and HEPA filter.


·46 CFM provides higher suction performance for more efficient clean-up.

·Drawstring accessory bag keeps vacuum accessories in one place.

·Easy empty canister to minimize exposure to dust and debris.

·HEPA Filtration allows for clean and efficient cleanup of fine dust like concrete and drywall.

·A bright LED light illuminates the darkest areas.

·The belt hook frees up hands to work more efficiently.

·6 Accessory cleaning solutions.


·Vacuuming jobsite debris like wood dust,saw dust,wood chips.

·Vacuuming jobsite debris like drywall,dust,and small screws.

·Vacuuming jobsite debris like small screws,nuts,dried caulk,electrical wire insulation,and·electrical wire cuttings.Vacuuming vehicle debris like food crumbs,small stones,pebbles,grass,small pieces of plastic,and paper.

·Vacuuming floor debris like food crumbs,small stones,pebbles,grass,small pieces of plastic,and paper.


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