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  • Use: Other
  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Model Number: DEWALT Bits Set
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Type: Other
  • Brand Name: DEWALT
  • Origin: Mainland China


DEWALT FlexTorq Bit Set 100pc

With the DEWALT FlexTorq 100-piece impact driver bit set, you have everything you need for various fastening applications. This 100-piece set includes bits of all kinds, from screwdriver ones to drill bits, as well as bit extensions and other accessories. The impact driver bits are a part of the FlexTorq line, so they have an extended FlexTorq zone that allows them to transfer optimal torque for applications that need added force. The impact driver bits also have CNC-machined tips, ensuring accurate fit on fastener heads. And with black oxide coating, these bits are protected from rust and corrosion. Speaking of protection, this 100-piece set comes in a ToughCase®+ system, which optimizes storage space and keeps the bits well-organized and easy to remove.


·CNC-machined bit tip for precise fit in screw heads for reducing cam-out

·Extended FlexTorq Zone transfers optimal torque

·Magnetic Screw Lock sleeve minimizes drops and reduces wobbles

·Connectable accessory storage system to optimize storage space

·Patented bit-bar design allows easy removal of bits and customizable placement

·Clear lid allows you to easily see contents at glance

·Clip latch for secure closing


57pc Drill Drive Set with Brad Point and Extreme Flatwood Bits


(7) Brad Point Wood Drill Bits*(1) 3mm*(1) 4mm*(1) 5mm

(1) 6mm*(1) 8mm*(1) 10mm*(1) 12mm

(6) Flatwood Drill Bits*(1) 12mm x 152mm*(1) 14mm x 152mm*(1) 16mm x 152mm

(1) 20mm x 152mm*(1) 22mm x 152mm*(1) 25mm x 152mm*(1) PH1 25mm

(3) PH2 25mm*(1) PH3 25mm*(1) PZ1 25mm*(3) PZ2 25mm

(1) PZ3 25mm*(1) T15 25mm*(22) T20 25mm*(4) T25 25mm

(1) T30 25mm*(1) T40 25mm*(1) PZ2 50mm*(1) PH2 50mm

(1) T20 50mm*(1) Magnetic Bit Holder*(1) Magnetic Drive Guide


Large Mixed Set – 100 Piece Drill Drive Set


·Large Mixed Drill Drive Set

·Made of high-speed steel (HSS) according to DIN 338 Right-hand cutting spiral groove type N, 118 ° point angle, Tapered section

·Surface bare metallic, dry


(13) Brad Point Wood Drill Bits*(2) 3mm*(1) 3.5mm*(1) 4mm

(1) 4.5mm*(2) 5mm*(1) 5.5mm*(1) 6mm

(1) 6.5mm*(1) 7mm*(1) 7.5mm*(1) 8mm

(12) Metal Drill Bits*(1) 1.5mm*(1) 2mm*(1) 2.5mm

(2) 3mm*(1) 3.5mm*(1) 4mm*(1) 4.5mm

(1) 5mm*(1) 5.5mm*(1) 6mm*(1) 6.5mm

(3) Masonry Drill Bits*(1) 6mm*(1) 7mm*(1) 8mm

(2) Hole Saws*(1) 32mm*(1) 44mm*(1) Hole Saw Mandrel

(1) 5mm Nut Driver*(1) 6mm Nut Driver*(1) 8mm Nut Driver*(1) 10mm Nut Driver

(1) 11mm Nut Driver*(1) 12mm Nut Driver*(1) 13mm Nut Driver*(1) Hex 4 25mm

(1) Hex 5 25mm*(1) Hex 6 25mm*(1) Hex 7 25mm*(2) PH1 25mm

(2) PH2 25mm*(2) PH3 25mm*(1) PZ1 25mm*(28) PZ2 25mm

(2) PZ3 25mm*(1) SL4 25mm*(1) SL5 25mm*(1) SL7.2 25mm

(1) T15 25mm*(1) T20 25mm*(1) T25 25mm*(1) T30 25mm

(1) T40 25mm*(1) PH1 50mm*(2) PH2 50mm*(1) PH3 50mm

(1) PZ1 50mm*(2) PZ2 50mm*(1) PZ3 50mm*(1) SL5 50mm

(1) SL6 50mm*(1) SL7.2 50mm*(1) C


40 Piece Screwdriving Set Tx


·Small Tough Case

·System Set

·Connectable Case allows multiple sets to be stacked and locked together.

·TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place.

·Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Caddy and Large Tough Case.

·Easy bit removal and retention for user convenience.

·Bits lock into place to prevent them falling out when not in use.

·Optimized Tip Geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out.

·Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding.

·Includes a drive guide with an extending sleeve for improved fastener stability and control.

·Includes nut drivers.


(1) PH1 25mm*(1) PH2 25mm*(1) PH3 25mm*(1) PZ2 25mm

(1) PZ3 25mm*(1) T10 25mm*(1) T15 25mm*(1) T20 25mm

(1) T25 25mm*(1) T30 25mm*(1) SL6 25mm*(1) PH1 50mm

(1) PH2 50mm*(1) PZ1 50mm*(1) PZ2 50mm*(1) T10 50mm

(1) T15 50mm*(1) T20 50mm*(1) T25 50mm*(1) T30 50mm

(1) 8mm Nut Driver*(1) 10mm Nut Driver*(1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide


EXTREME FlexTORQ 25 Piece Screwdriving Set


(1) PZ2 25mm*(1) PZ3 25mm*(1) SL6 25mm*(1) T20 25mm

(1) T25 25mm*(1) T30 25mm*(1) PH2 57mm*(1) PZ2 57mm

(1) PZ3 57mm*(1) PH2 89mm*(1) PZ2 89mm*(1) T20 89mm

(1) 8mm Cleanable Nut Driver*(1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide With Torsion Zone


EXTREME FlexTORQ 25 Piece Screwdriving Set


(1) PH1 25mm*(1) PH2 25mm*(1) PZ1 25mm*(1) PZ2 25mm

(1) T10 25mm*(1) T15 25mm*(1) T20 25mm*(1) T25 25mm

(1) T27 25mm*(1) T30 25mm*(1) T20 Security 25mm*(1) T25 Security 25mm

(1) PH2 57mm*(1) PZ2 57mm*(1) T10 57mm*(1) T15 57mm

(1) T20 57mm*(1) T25 57mm*(1) T20 89mm*(1) T25 89mm

(1) ALU Magnetic Sleeve*(1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide With Torsion Zone


Impact Ready Magnetic Screwdriver Bits(10pcs)

·FlexTorq Allow Optimum Bit Flex Maximum Life In Impact/High Torque
·High Quality S2 Material-Protects Scrwe Driving Bits From Wearing Down
·Thin Area Of Bit Tip Flexes To Absorb Impact Driver Torque


16pc ScrewDriving Set


(2) PH2 25mm*(6) PZ2 25mm

(3) PZ3 25mm*(2) T20 25mm

(2) T25 25mm*(1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide


Extreme Impact Torsion 10 Piece Set – Bit Tip Holder & Screwdriving Bit


·Extreme Impact Torsion Bit Tip Holder with 25mm Screwdriver Bits

·Bit Retention System Keeps Bits Secure

·Superior Quality

·Tough Case container keeps bits organized and protected

·Compact magnetic drive guide holds the screw in place while driving to allow for one-handed fastening

·Assorted sizes of Phillips, Slotted and Square bits for almost any task

·Compatible with all drills and power screwdrivers

·Heat treated for longer life

·Magnetic Drive Guide reduces stripping and wobbling

·Magnets allow case to be fixed to any ferrous surface.

·Built-in hooks for hanging case


Extreme Impact Pivoting Bit Tip Holder inc. PZ2 25mm


·For use with corded and cordless drills

·Heat-treated; resists breakage and wear


#6#8#10 Drill/Drive Unit

DEWALT Drill Flip Drive Complete Unit allows for quick and easy changes between drilling and driving,letting the user finish jobs faster.These black oxide split-point drill bits start on contact,and have a contoured finger grip for easy ergonomic use.These drive units feature quick change mechanism for easy one-step loading and are easy to push forward for one-handed release.


·Quick and easy changes between drilling and driving allows user to finish jobs faster

·Black oxide split-point drill bits start on contact

·Quick change mechanism for easy one-step loading

·5/16"shank for added durability

·Multi-Cutter Countersinks for superior finish

·Easy push forward for one-handed release

·One integral unit keeps everything together and no lost parts


·Drilling holes in wood and driving screws(drill hole/flip unit/drive screw)


Double Ended PH2 Screwdriver Bit Set 10 Pcs.(65 mm)


·For driving screws in a variety of different materials

·Window Framing and Installation|Deck Building and Framing|Drywall Hanging|Cabinet Installation

·S2 modified bits for increasedHeat treated to resist breakage and wear.


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