High Quality 7 Inch Android 10.0 Tablet Big Screen 4+32G WIFI Tablet Pc For Home Student Kids With Long Lasting Battery Life


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Products Description

Product Basic Information

1 piece;

As a factory with more than 15 years of production experience, our experienced professional R&D personnel can meet your customized

designs and requirements.

Custom Services
Notepads / gift boxes / gift bags all support color printing, embossing, hot stamping and hot stamping customization.
Cover Color:
Black, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, OEM available;
Binder Color:
Gold or Silver; OEM available;
Paper Spec:
80g x 120 sheet, white color loose leaf paper;OEM available;
Product Size:
175 mm x 240 mm (W x L);OEM available;
Paper Size:
142 mm x 210 mm (W x L);OEM available;
Powerbank Capacity:
5000 / 10000 mAh;OEM available; (if no appointed, we acquiesce in 8000 mAh)
U Disk:
8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB;OEM available;

(if no appointed, we acquiesce in 8 GB)
Charging Type:
Option 1. Wired; 

Option 2. Wired + Wireless;

(if no appointed, we acquiesce in option 1 — Wired);

Charging Head:
Option 1: 1 for Android; 1 for iPhone or Type C 

Option 2: 3 in 1 (for Android, for iPhone, and Type C) ; 
OEM available;(if no appointed, we acquiesce in option 2—3 in 1)

Type :
Notebook / Fingerprint Lock / Power / Smart Stylus / Color Display;
Option 1: Deboss;

Option 2: Hot transfer foil stamp (in gold or silver color);

Option 3: Laser Etching;

Option 4: Silk printing;

Option 5: 3D UV colorful printing;

Sample Cost:
1, Sample cost: 3 times on our Unit price, we can re-fund this sample cost to you once we get your bulk purchase order in the

coming 3 weeks once you get our samples)

2, Shipping cost: We’d collect the shipping cost before sample send out; by the way, we will try our best to get the cheapest

options for your approval;
Sample Lead Time:

Classic Collocation

Type 1:
Loose-leaf Notebook;
Type 2:
Loose-leaf Notebook + U-disk;
Type 3:
Loose-leaf Notebook + Powerbank;
Type 4:
Loose-leaf Notebook + Powerbank + Wireless-charger;
Type 5:
Loose-leaf Notebook + U-disk + Powerbank;
Type 6:
Loose-leaf Notebook + U-disk + Powerbank + Wireless-charger;

Additional information

Front Camera


Rear Camera

No Camera



Hard Drive Capacity





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