Original Lenovo LivePods LP40 TWS IPX4 Waterproof Earphone with Touch HD Call Siri Mini Wireless Headphone


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Original Lenovo LivePods LP40 TWS IPX4 Waterproof Earphone with Touch HD Call Siri Mini Wireless Headphone

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 1. 5.0 chip, faster and more stable connection, audio and video synchronization, no game delay
2. 13mm dynamic unit, clear treble, deep bass
3. Touch control, simple operation, support binaural high-definition call, music, Siri and other functions
4. Support master-slave switching; memory back connection
5. Use with the charging box, long-lasting battery life
6. Comfortable to wear
7. Life-level waterproof
8. Small size, easy to carry

Voice assistant only supports i os system users

Product parameters:
1. version: 5.0
2. Wireless propagation distance: greater than or equal to 10m
3. Speaker diameter: 13mm
4. Headphone battery capacity: 40mAh
5. Battery capacity of the charging box: 3.7V/300mAh
6. Music time: about 5 hours (the actual duration depends on the volume)
7. Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
8. Speaker power: 10mW x 2
9. Sensitivity: 98dB+/-3dB

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.16lb
Qty per Carton 160
Carton Weight 11.70kgs / 25.79lb
Carton Size 42cm * 42cm * 42cm / 16.54inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 359 cartons * 160 pcs = 57440 pcs
40HQ: 835 cartons * 160 pcs = 133600 pcs




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We provide one year warranty.

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