Professional Audio Sound Equipment 5 6 8 inch Active Studio Monitor Speaker Portable DJ Performance Speaker


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Professional Audio Sound Equipment 5 6 8 inch Active Studio Monitor Speaker Portable DJ Performance Speaker
Product Description

Product Description

The 5″ /6″ /8″ Monitors designed and tested veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring environment. It is focused on the functional goal of delivering pure, original sound without any additional coloration.The 5″/6″/8″power monitor is self-powered, directly accepting a line-level signal from a variety of sources.


5″6″8″ Monitors is designed to overcome all limitations of conventional studio reference monitors within the digital audio environment. This system delivers a wide-range frequency response by mploying two extraordinary drivers and unique crossover technology licensed by ProMirs. It boasts emtable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined mid and high frequency ae sponse as well. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for desktop music production.

For pro engineers at commercial studios to home studio owners, the 5″ /6″ /8″ Monitor set new affordable standard in studio monitoring.




Soft-dome tweeter with optimized waveguide provides smooth, pristine and articulate highs up to 22kHz


LF Driver

The low-resonance enclosure minimizesdistortion and color, and the lightweight, glass-aramid composite wooferdelivers clear midrange and tight bass

Sub-frequency vent port

effectively increases the low-frequency dive

Rich and practical interface

TRS balanced inputs and XLR input suit for almost any audio source.High-tech, compact and delicate designs.

Acoustic Space Switch

This switch allows boost or attenuation of high-frequency output by 2dB.


Volume control

Ues the volume control to set the output sound pressure from the monitors to proper levels as required


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2-way near-field studio reference monitors
HF Driver
1-inch magnetically shielded natural silk dome
Frequency Response
56 Hz- 22 kHz
Crossover Frequency
3 kHz
LF Amplifier Power
40 W
HF Amplifier Power
30 W
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
100 dB typical A-weighted
Input Connectors
XLR balanced or TRS balanced/unbalanced Input Connectors
Input Impedance
20 K2 balanced, 10 K2 unbalanced
Power on/off indicator on rear panel
9.8″ x6.9″x 7.9″



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5inch, 8inch, 8inch – 1 pair, 6inch – 1 pair, 6 inch, 5inch – 1 pair


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