spiderman style PS4 wireless controller Bluetoeth Gamepad for PS4,PS3 Console,PC, Android&IOS Equipped with 3.5MM Headphone Jack

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Handle buy point:
1. The product is mainly suitable for P4 and P3 hosts, Android, iOS (above 13.0), and compatible PC systems to connect and use for game operations, and support any game version on P4 hosts.
2. Adopt high-performance wireless wireless connection technology to provide reliable signals within 8 meters without delay and no disconnection. It has strong anti-interference and will not be affected by other wireless devices. Driver-free, automatic connection, no need for tedious code matching process.
3. Built-in LED color breathing light, the handle has a colored LED light bar to indicate the player’s handle channel function and status indication. The indication function is the same as the original P4 handle, and different handles are indicated by different colors of LEDs.
4. Built-in left and right asymmetric motors, supporting dual motors and dual vibration functions.
5. Built-in 3D acceleration sensor and G gyroscope sensor, with six-axis sensing function.
6. Equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can output game audio signals through the headphone of the handle.
7. The structure accords with ergonomics and feels comfortable.
8. When the handle is operated without any action, it will enter the dormant state in about 5 minutes, and the handle indicator will go out.
9. Support dual-point capacitive sensing touchpad.
10. Support USB to charge lithium battery.
11. Support PC USB online upgrade product program, so as to support the latest upgrade system of P4 host. It can avoid the problem that the product cannot be used due to the host upgrade system.

Product parameters:
1. Charging voltage: DC5V;
2. Battery capacity: 380mA;
3. Charging time: about 3 hours;
4. Transmission distance: ≤8M;
5. Standby time: 30 days when fully charged;
6. Packing size: 17.1*6.3*13.3cm, 300g


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