Unnlink 5G 4K TV Wireless WiFi Mirroring Cable HDMI Video Dongle Transmitter Adapter for IPhone Xiaomi Android IOS Miracast


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  • Type: High Definition
  • Connectors: HDMI-Compatible
  • Remote Control: Not Included
  • Model Number: 1246
  • Hard Disk Capacity: < 100GB
  • Brand Name: unnlink
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: TV Stick
  • Certification: NONE
  • Resolution: 4K or 1080P
  • Frequency: 5G or 2.4 G


-WiFi frequency: 4K version-5G&2.4G, 1080P versiong-2.4G
-WiFi range: 10m and less
-Running memory: 1G
-Picture format: JPEG, BMP
-Audio format: MP1 / 2 / 3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC
-File format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint

Main Features

1. High-definition image(4K or 1080P Version)
You can connect PC, smartphone or For iPad to TV or projector, whatever you see on your mobile device's display, you can mirror onto the HDTV or projector, create your own exclusive cinema, enjoy different audio-visual feast

2. Broad compatibility
Compatible with For Android and For iPhone. Play games or share photos and videos with your family on big screen, without having to huddle around the tiny screen of a mobile device. Also, support multiple formats of photos, videos and files, out of the shackles of cable, the meeting has become intelligent and efficient

3. Extended receiver design
When we connect to TV, the wireless dongle may be obscured. This affects signal transmission. But our extended receiver design can solve this problem. Extended signal transmission.

4. Small and light design
Rounded cute size, just like a cookie, which saves the space so that it is portable for you to use it anytime and anywhere

5. Easy connection
Just plug and play, no needed any other drivers

Please choose the right model

Type 1: 4K-5G&2.4G Version

1. Resolution: 4K(3180*2160)
2. Transmision: 5G&2.4G
3. Android/Apple Universal
4. Small and light design
5. Plug and Play

Type 2: 1080P-2.4G Version

1. Resolution: 1080P
2. Transmision: 2.4G
3. Android/Apple Universal
4. Small and light design
5. Plug and Play

How to use for Android Phone?

1. Connect the HDMI connector of our products to the HDTV or projector

2. Connect the charging cable to supply the power

3. Android Phone: open 'setting'—choose 'other network&connection'—choose 'screen mirror'—open 'bluetooth'

How to use for Apple?

1. Connect the HDMI connector of our products to the HDTV or projector

2. Connect the charging cable to supply the power

3. Apple phone: connect 'WIFI'—-Wifi name: Mirascreen-280878E2, Passwords:12345678

4. How to use the network after Apple devicrs screen mirror?
Enter the background management:, and then connect your home wifi. In this way, your ipad/phone will use the network.

Package Contents:

1 x Wireless HDMI Dongle
1 x Extended Receiver
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual

True 4K HD Transmission

Smart 5G| Horizontal&vertical screen

Connect to TV Online Classes

Take care of eyes

More Convenient Live Broadcast

Connect to the large screen to make it easier to watch subtitles and control the field interactively

Phone to Large Screen

Experience cinema level stunning visual effects with large screen viewing/games

Horizontal&Vertical Screen

One key switch horizontal and vertical screen, applicable to multiple scenarios

True 4K Transmission

Enjoys super clear experience

Upgrade 5G Dual Frequency

High speed, stability, no delay and no disconnection

Extension Signal Receiver

Prevent the iron plate of TV from blocking the signal reception

Two Mode

Extend mode: extend the phone screen to the large screen.

Mirror mode: synchronize the phone screen to the large screen

Widely Compatible

Full compatible with new and old TV


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