Wireless Transmission HDMI Extender 200M Video Transmitter Receiver for Camera Camcorder Live Streaming PC Support NP-F Battery


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  • Decode Ability: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Type: High Definition
  • Connectors: HDMI-Compatible
  • Model Number: battery base 200m wireless extender
  • Brand Name: RULLZ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Battery: not included

900s Pro NEW UPGRADED Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver

Thank you for purchasing our exclusive new product 900S PRO Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver.
It will bring you a pleasant experience.

 Key Features : 
1.Designed with battery compartment,power supply is more convenient.
2.Two buttons on the back for easy control of battery power and battery removal, four battery level indicators.
3.One to One Transmission distance up to 200m (in straight line barrier-free environment).
4. The Ultra low Latency is about 0.1s,can ignore.
5. The transmitter is designed with HDTV local Loopout.
6. Support multiple power supply modes
7. One transmitter can work with up to four receivers at the same time
8. Bulit-in wireless transmission protocol, No WiFi / network or apps are Required;

9. Plug and Play: we have paired well when ship,you get it ,plug and play. 
10.Support mic input and audio seperation.
11.Highly Compatible: Fully compatible with 1080P HDMI-compatible game host/DVD/Set-top-box/PS3/4/5/
Xbox/Computer/HD Camera etc. video source devices and HD display monitor/TV/Projectors.
12. When One to one mode,can go through one wall/ door or celling.very strong transmission ability



 Pls Note :  

1.  The RX cannot work alone ,one TX can match up to 4 RXs.

This operation requires additional purchase of the Receivers;  RX=Receiver, TX=Transmitter.
. With the increase of RX, or the barriers, the wireless transmission distance will be shortened.

such as : 
1 TX to 1 RX transmission distance:  200m;
1 TX to 2 RX transmission distance:  150m;
1 TX to 3 RX transmission distance:  100m;
1 TX to 4 RX transmission distance:  50m; 

The final distance shall be subject to the actual use,we advise use it in a barrier-free space. 3.The IR function only works under one TX to one RX mode .

4.Only when you buy ” 1 TX and 1 RX” as a set in one order,it comes with a black box,In any other cases,

it comes without carrying box,such as,Including but not limited to:

A. buy 1 TX and 1 RX seperately in different time’s orders,no black box

B. in one order you buy only 1 TX or 1 RX,no black box

C. 1 TX multiple RX ,it comes only 1 black box.

anyway,only when 1TX 1RX in same one order,it can come with a black box.



Package Content for the option of ” Only 1 RX ” :

900s Pro 200m Wireless Receiver x 1
Antenna      x 2

DC 5V 2A Power adapter x 1

USB power cable x1
IR cable  x 1

User Guide  x 1

Note:  if you choose this option, it comes the accessories is for 1 Receiver only, NO Transmitter’s

Package Content for the option of ” 1 TX and 1 RX “:

900s Pro 200m Wireless Transmitter x 1

900s Pro 200m Wireless Receiver     x 1

Antenna      x 4

5V 2A Power Adapter x 2

USB Power Cable x2

IR cable  x 2

User manual  x 1

All come without retail box and other accessories,if any need,pls contact us first





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